Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cassis Bedroom Set by Simcredible

Ripped/Torn Denim Shorts for Toddlers by KiaraRawks

TS2 Light Fixtures and Outlets Conversions by Sympxls

New Option Quick Shower by LittleMsSam

Quick Shower

Shower Time = 5-10 minutes (default is way longer depending on how dirty you are)

Hygiene Motive will fill up much faster. At the end you will leave the Shower in a Towel.

Available languages: English (default) and German

Since this mod overrides the object xmls it should be compatible with the "Faster Showers & Baths" Mod.

Accessory Bangs and Updated Bangs by BlahberryPancake

Botanic Curtain Recolors and Bathroom Clutter by Viikiita

International Easel Paintings by OM

Great Gatsby Theme Party Decor by JosieSimblr